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Kamensk-Uralsky founded in 1701, however, the first settlement mentioned in 1682. Therefore, a number of local historians, believes Kamensk-was founded in 1682.

The history of the city's founding Kamensk-Uralsky.

Iron ore - the source and seed conception Kamenska Uralsky. The first settlers mastered land after finding it was iron ore. Ore was here at every step, lying at the foot of the Kamenka, it was easy to obtain. Such land has his eye already settled in those years Dalmatovskoye monastery, the modern city Dalmatovo, Kurgan region. In 1682 the monastery was given permission to develop land, rich in iron ore. Then came the first settlement on the banks of the Kamenka River.

In February 1700, the Great Northern War began. Russian army needed quality iron ore. In 1701 Peter I talked about it deposits in the Urals, in the same year, the Emperor ordered the construction of the territory of the future city ironworks.

In 1701, the plant began producing cast iron, after which the settlement was given the name: Kamensky treasury ironworks.

In 1903, a settlement was partially electrified.

In 1935, the village becomes a city, with the title - Kamensky. However, the name was already in the city in the Kamenka region. Therefore, in 1940, was renamed Kamensk Kamensk-Ural.

During the Second World War, Kamensk-receives its main development in the city to evacuate various enterprises and institutions from Central Russia.

Kamensk-Uralsky - the small capital of Russia.
Kamensk-Ural capital industry, the capital of bell ringing.

Kamensk-Uralsky tourist.

Attractions Kamensk-Uralsky

Hotels Kamensk-Uralsky


City Map Kamensk-Uralsy



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